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Energy trips to Egypt

Caroline Frumau, naturopath organizes what’s called Energy trips to the beautiful, inspiring country of Egypt.  Before this inspiring trip takes off Caroline will take an energy photo (in technical language called a Kirlian photography) from every participant.  The reason for this is to let the clients experience what had happened with your inner-energy-level after returning from this amazing trip.  Caroline will take a photograph again during and after the trip.  By doing this Caroline demonstrates every participant a comparison, what a positive influence has been caused with your energy-level during this trip.  You will read from the photographs a development of inner growing.

Egypte piramideIn Egypt Caroline has experienced herself how great and powerful the energy fields are on a human’s well being.  The Egyptian’s energy sources of power are intensely present in Egypt.  These sources of power stimulates to achieving an access to get down to the growth of your person well-being.  Trying to achieve this aim Caroline will take you to Egypt’s biggest pyramid called the Pyramid of Cheops.  In this magnificent pyramid Caroline will practice some meditation doing colour-sound/tone healing sessions as well.  These sessions will take place on the pyramid’s roof-patio with a stunning overlook on Egypt’s desert and other pyramids.  During these sessions feeling and coaching will be of vital importance.

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