True Colour, praktijk voor kleurenpunctuur. Caroline Frumau, natuurgeneeskundige
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Peter Mandel,
Founder of Esogetic Holistic Medicine

Peter MandelSince the middle of the sixties, Peter Mandel (Germany, 1941) has been intensely occupied with research into new holistic treatment modalities. Some of those methods are colourpuncture, holistic pain therapy with infrared, crystal healing, induction therapy and the Energy Emission Analysis (EEA).
All his methods are centred around a core intent: to comprehend and screen the human being in his individuality as complete as possible, and to offer a corresponding individualized holistic solution, which impacts all levels (body/matter, emotion/energy, spirit/information).

Peter Mandel‘s holistic systems have become known through hundreds of lectures, seminars, books, newspapers, radio and television. Amongst many other studies, he completed study programs in acupuncture in Hong Kong and India. His teachings open up entirely new perspectives in the energy screening as well as the holistic realms. Terms like colourpuncture, holistic pain therapy or ‘conflict resolution therapy‘ are nowadays an integral part of Esogetic Holistic Medicine or Esogetic Colourpuncture. Many colleagues, among them acupuncturists, body therapists, chiropractors, physicians, nurses, naturopathic practitioners and physical therapists, practice these methods - also as a complement to allopathic and techno-medical measures.
Today, Peter Mandel is recognized worldwide as a holistic therapist and a lecturer. He gives talks and seminars in all of Europe, the USA, India, Japan, China and Australia. He works with many well-known scientists and institutions, like for instance the bio photon researcher Professor Dr. F.-A. Popp and the Hangzhou-University, China. Peter Mandel has an honorary doctorate of ‘Medicina Alternativa’ in Alma-Ata, is an honorary member of the Academy of Holistic Medicine of the Grieshaber Foundation in Schiltach/ Schwarzwald (Germany) and a founding member as well as second chair of the ‘Academy for Medicine and Reformed Healing Methods’ in Worms, founded in 1997. He is President of the German Kirlian society.

True Colour